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The best medical decisions are those made together between doctor and patient.

Our DECISION Dialog® program informs and prepares members for a more effective dialog with their physicians about their conditions and treatment options. Individuals that participate in our Shared Decision Making programs tend to choose less invasive care, and report being happier with both their care and with their health plan.


 Our DECISION Dialog® program includes:

  • Shared Decision-Making® aids. Our decision aids come in the form of interactive online tools like our Health Crossroads® modules, videos, and booklets. All provide evidence-based information about treatment options and support a more informed dialog between individuals and physicians.
  • Health coaching from an experienced health professional. Specially trained Health Coaches help educate the member with no vested interest in the individual’s treatment choice. Their role is to help individuals identify questions and concerns to discuss with their doctors.
  • Improved dialog between patient and physician. Physicians rank individuals’ preferences very highly when proposing treatment choices, but often lack the time or skills to elicit those preferences. Individuals prepared by our Shared Decision Making process are better able to articulate their concerns, preferences, and values, resulting in treatment choices that both members and providers rate as higher quality decisions.
The DECISION Dialog® program was built on the principle that empowered consumers can take charge of their healthcare decisions.

Satisfaction with our program is high:
  • 92% of users would recommend the Shared Decision-Making videos to family members1
  • 89% would recommend their health plan to family or friends1
More Value to Employers
One employer who used a DECISION Dialog® back pain program found that:
  • 49% of employees reported increased productivity
  • 27% of employees reported reduced absenteeism
1 2 Internal member survey data

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