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The path to good health is different for everyone.
Combining advanced analytics and unique predictive models, sophisticated engagement methods, and effective behavior change techniques, the WELLNESS Dialog® program focuses on finding the right people at the right time, and providing them with the tools and support they need to manage and maintain their health. The result is people making healthier choices today, and being healthier tomorrow.

The WELLNESS Dialog® program offers a full spectrum of support, ranging from self-guided to intensive programs, to drive measurable behavior change. Topics include tobacco cessation, weight loss, nutrition, stress, sleep, cardiometabolic risk, and preventive health screenings.

Engaging people on their own terms
Through our WELLNESS Dialog® offering’s industry-leading online program, people have the tools they need to realize their personal lifestyle goals.

We begin with our innovative well-being assessment to understand:
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Capacity for change
  • Work life satisfaction
  • Health risk

We report on personal strengths and opportunities, and offer suggested goals and actions. Individuals can add or edit their goals, and select challenges that interest them. They stay engaged by tracking their activity online (on their smartphone, or on a biometric tracking device such as RunKeeper™ or Nike+), networking with others to share ideas and tips, and by earning incentives. Reminders encourage ongoing participation and achievement of goals.

And for those who need an extra layer of support, our Health Coaches, an expert team of nurses, registered dietitians, respiratory therapists, and other health professionals, are available to lend a hand.

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WELLNESS Dialog helps our members make lifestyle changes

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