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Health Dialog in the News

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Dr. Peter Goldbach, Health Dialog's Chief Medical Officer, was interviewed by Oncology Nurse Advisor's Joyce Pagan about working with male patients on health care decision making.

Employee Benefit News, March 2014
Dr. Peter Goldbach, Health Dialog's Chief Medical Officer, shared with Employee Benefit News how smoking affects employee health and what employers should look for in a smoking cessation program.

Modern Healthcare Magazine, April 2013
Dr. Peter Goldbach, Health Dialog's Chief Medical Officer, published an article, "Power to the patient: Shared decisionmaking improves care and reduces cost," in Modern Healthcare magazine.

Managed Care Magazine, April 2013
Dr. Peter Goldbach, Health Dialog's Chief Medical Officer, contributed to the cover story of Managed Care Magazine, April 2013: "Renewed Interest in Decision Making."

The Commonwealth Fund, October/November 2012
With the use of education booklets, interactive tools, and DVDs, patients are able to participate in Shared Decision Making.

Health Affairs, August 2012
Dr. Peter Goldbach, Health Dialog's Chief Medical Officer, calls for - and cites evidence for - Shared Decision Making in Health Affairs

Population Health Management Journal, Volume 14
October 28, 2011
New research: Peer reviewed study demonstrates how Health Dialog’s Shared Decision Making® aid drives improvements in self care for heart failure patients

Health Affairs 2010, Issue 29
July 1, 2010
Designed to be up and running by 2011, the new CMS Innovation Center will impact future health policy, with new pilot programs and new implications for plans. Health Dialog was featured in a new Health Affairs article on what will influence the center’s success.

AHIP Bridge For Health, Wellness And Fitness
June 4, 2010
Cathy Hartman, VP of Health and Wellness, discusses how employers and health plans can make smarter investments of time and resources in wellness initiatives with AHIP's Jake Glover

eHealth Initiative Blog
May 7, 2010
Bill Brennan, SVP Content Services and Product Development, serves as guest editor of the eHealth Initiative blog for the month of May

Corporate Research Group’s Healthcare Week in Review
April 16, 2010
Chris Coloian, SVP of Health Services, discusses how health plans are getting ready for reform at World Health Care Congress

March 26, 2010
Nearly everyone agrees that prevention and healthy living can help slow the nation's healthcare cost spiral, but actually getting people interested in fitness has always been the problem. Wellness advocates and population health management officials say Congress took a small step toward a healthier nation by approving health reform.

March 4, 2010
A Health Dialog member explains how his Health Coach changed his life in this segment from Better Living with Liz Walker

March 3, 2010
New prostate cancer guidelines from the American Cancer Society stress more than ever the importance of informing men about the risks and benefits of early screening.

Hospitals & Health Networks
February 2010
Doctors and hospitals give patients the tools to actively share in making decisions about their care

BusinessWeek - By Catherine Arnst
Published November 12, 2009
Seven hundred billion dollars. That's a ballpark estimate of how much money is wasted in the U.S. medical system every single year...

Research report by David Veroff, MPP, Vice President of Evaluation Services is published in Benefits & Compensation Solutions

Mass High Tech
August 21, 2009
In the national debate over health insurance reform, Republicans and Democrats appear to agree on one thing only: the country needs to reduce the cost of health care…

Boston Business Journal
August 21, 2009
In the national debate over health insurance reform, Republicans and Democrats appear to agree on one thing only — the country needs to reduce the cost of health care…

New Hampshire Public Radio
August 11, 2009
Two U.S. senators saw the fruits of health care research at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and say they are working to include the programs in health care...

Podcast – Health Leaders
August 5, 2009
Health Dialog’s Lance Lang is interviewed regarding Shared Decision-Making in a podcast featuring Health Dialog.

Wall Street Journal - By Laura Landro
August 4, 2009
Diagnosed with breast cancer last year at 51, Mary Bianchi balked when her surgeon laid out an aggressive plan for treatment: a lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes without...

Business Insurance - By George Sweeney
July 27, 2009
As insurers and employers turn to consumer-driven health plans to cut benefit costs, they also look to technology to engage employees in their health care decisions, leading to an array...

Healthcare Europa
July 15, 2009
We talk to Chris Coloian, Senior Vice President Health Services at Health Dialog, a US population health and health improvement company owned by UK healthcare insurer BUPA…

Population Health Insider
June 2009
Tobacco and food companies find potential customers by using demographic and consumer attitude information, but those kinds of data are usually not used by healthcare companies…

Business Week - By John Carey
Published June 9, 2009
Whenever researchers compare drugs or treatments to see which works best, somebody's ox gets gored. Such "comparative effectiveness" studies have already cast doubt on expensive...

Philadelphia Inquirer - By Stacey Burling
Published June 7, 2009
While some researchers have been studying decisions for decades, the tools they have developed may be available only to patients in clinical trials. It's still rare for patients to get decision...

Better Health Blog - By Val Jones, MD
Published April 6, 2009
I attended a teleconference meeting* with John Halamka yesterday at the Cisco booth at HIMSS. It was an exciting experience - and quite intimate since...

Reader’s Digest – By Shannon Brownlee
Published April 2009
Suzanne Bull always half expected that she'd get cancer. After all, she lived in Marin County, California, where breast cancer rates are among the highest in the country. Still, she was...

Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Blog - By Lisa Davis
Published March 19, 2009
Talk about coincidence. Two major studies out this week drive home the point we made in "What's Wrong With Cancer Tests," the cover story in this month's issue…

Journal of the National Cancer Institute - By Michael Barry and Albert Mulley
Published March18, 2009

Palliative Care Blog - By Angela Morrow, RN
Published March 17, 2009
There are several recommended cancer screenings as we age - papsmears, mammograms, colonoscopies, PSA tests - screenings that are supposed to save our lives, right...

Disease Management Care Blog - By Jaan Sidorov
Published March 3, 2009
The Disease Management Care Blog was a speaker today at the National Medical Home Summit in Philadelphia. Not only was it an honor to be speaking among the likes of Ed Wagner...

Bangor Daily News - By Meg Haskell
Published March 2, 2009
Health care was in the spotlight on Friday as state officials and others seeking to improve Maine’s health care system reviewed three revealing reports...

McKinsey’s ‘What Matters’ - By Uwe E. Reinhardt
Published February 26, 2009
The question of why we have not yet been able to provide adequate health care to everyone in the world leads straight into a conceptual and ethical thicket from which there is no clear...

PR Newswire - By Christine Greger
Published February 24, 2009
Feb. 27 Capitol Hill briefing on chronic disease prevention and care - the first in a series of Health Care University events planned this year as the nation moves toward broad...

Population Health Insider
Published February 2009
As one of the leaders in disease management (DM), Boston-based Health Dialog knows how to reach and engage patient populations in the commercial setting…

Managed Health Care Executive
Published January 2009
George Bennett, Health Dialog’s Chairman of the Board, discusses his take on RIO...

Health Leaders Media - By Les Masterson
Published January 14, 2009
The second interim report of the Medicare Health Support (MHS) project, released to Congress just before the new year, brings into better focus why CMS ended the disease management...

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