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7 Reasons You Need An Effective Nurse Line Program Now

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Most health plans have a Nurse Line in place, but are you getting everything you need from your program? Some may view them as basic programs that are merely a check-the-box requirement for NCQA certification, but a truly effective Nurse Line programcan accomplish much more. A Nurse Line acts as an extension of your members’ care providers so shouldn’t it have all the necessary components to make it as effective as possible?

Health Dialog is an experienced provider of 24/7 Nurse Line services – our flexible program has served over 30 million members. Here are seven reasons why you should care about the quality of your program:  

1. Reduce expensive and unnecessary ER visits

Emergency room visits are both expensive and not the most effective form of care for many patients. A Nurse Line needs to lead members in a triage process to determine if their symptoms are indeed in need of emergency care or if they’d be better served by an alternative such as home treatment or scheduling an appointment with their PCP.

2. Trusted advice for your members

A Nurse Line may be the first call your member makes when they have an urgent medical issue and the program plays an important role in the quality of care that a member ultimately receives. Staffing your Nurse Line with skilled, experienced Registered Nurse Health Coaches ensures that your members are always getting the most relevent health information and personalized support that empowers them to make the most informed medical decisions.

3. 24/7 availability

Unfortunately, urgent health issues can happen at any time of the day or night and that’s why it’s critical that your members have access to health advice 24/7. Health Dialog’s scalable program is available to enhance an existing Nurse Line program as a wrap-around service or after hours support.

4. Real behavior change

The best Nurse Line programs transfer skills and knowledge that promote sustained behavior change for the member’s health and wellness and supports appropriate utilization of the healthcare system.

5. Boost satisfaction 

Members like having access to a registered nurse for advice, someone they can trust. In our experience, a 91% of members we reach would recommend our programs to family and friends.

6. Maximize referrals 

Health Coaches who recieve the right training and are equipped with the right resources can deliver members to existing services or programs that may be underutilized. For example, when Health Dialog coaches identify issues that can be addressed by other plan partners, such as case management services, they can warm transfer members to these available resources. All this plan-specific information is loaded directly into our care management system so it is available at the Health Coaches’ fingertips when speaking with a member.

7. Comprehensive reporting

Regular reporting can provide useful insight into your population and their activity and can be used to drive other campaigns or projects. Health Dialog’s program provides reports as frequently as monthly and daily.

Health Dialog’s Nurse Line program is NCQA certified, scalable, and staffed by skilled RN Health Coaches. Please click here for more information on how we can help your health plan implement a high quality 24/7 Nurse Line solution. 

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