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Are You Ready for the Population Health Alliance Forum 2015? Let’s Talk Patient Engagement

Peter Goldbach, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Health Dialog

Dr. Peter Goldbach discusses the latest trends in population health in an interview on the PopHealth Week radio show.

When it comes to population health management, personalized engagement is essential. What are the best engagement tools and strategies? Health Dialog will be hosting a panel presentation at 8am on November 3rd at the Population Health Alliance Forum this week in Washington DC. The panel, titled “The Rules of Engagement: Delivering the Right Message to the Right Patient at the Right Time,” will feature a team of industry experts from Rite AidH2 Wellness, and Health Dialog to discuss the latest insights in patient engagement techniques. To gear up for the forum, Peter Goldbach, MD the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dialog, shared a few of these insights when he was interviewed by Fred Goldstein on thePopHealth Week radio show. In the interview, Peter discusses how new technologies can be used to better manage 100% of populations and improve future clinical outcomes and drive cost savings in the fee-for-value system.

Some of Peter’s lessons for success include:

  • Empowering patients with useful and personally relevant clinical information is essential. Provide patients with a variety of tools and resources that educate them about their conditions so they can take the appropriate steps toward better health and management of their conditions. Make information as accessible, timely, and convenient as possible. Deliver the information based each patient’s history of engagement behaviors for improved receptivity and responsiveness.
  • A deeper understanding of population risk can uncover ways to better personalize care. Using a Care Pathways approach to population stratification helps to better understand how every patient will progress across a chronic condition. This gives better insight into the current and future needs of a whole population and allows for more tailored experiences and the most appropriate and effective interventions for each patient.
  • Patient centric care will be a powerful and disruptive force. Health plans, providers and other risk-bearing organizations must implement multi-channel care delivery systems and population health management programs that increase accessibility to care, and effectively and efficiently reach patients where they are. Patient centric care is creating opportunities for new and innovative points of care, such as retail pharmacies, to truly impact chronic care management outcomes.


Click here to listen to the full interview.

Will you be at PHA this week? Come visit us at booth 300 to learn about Health Dialog and our unique approach to population health management.



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