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Embrace Digital Health Engagement: Opportunities and Methods for Success

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Today’s healthcare consumers are more aware of medical costs and going online for help with their health.

Perhaps as a means to control costs, or purely out of convenience, healthcare consumers are actively seeking answers to their health questions online—where free information abounds. In fact, 80% of internet users look online for health information. While it is good people are interested in managing their health, it is problematic that payers, providers, and employers cannot see what questions and concerns individuals have, the quality of the information they are accessing, and what self-care practices they are using.

There is a clear need for a method of providing consumers with digital access to appropriate health information and capturing their digital activity so care teams can better address patient concerns, preferences, and self-care practices. The result would be an improved continuum of care that helps lay ground work for more informed healthcare decisions and satisfied patients.

Digital technology is presenting an opportunity to deliver value to healthcare consumers.

People love convenience and connectivity, and it is without question people buy into personalized offers. Since healthcare consumers are already actively searching for online for help with their health, it behooves risk-bearing organizations to take advantage of this new opportunity to better reach and connect with their populations on an individual level. Organizations that embrace digital health engagement methods for population management can gain more insight into who each person is, make predictions about their future health outcomes, learn what type of interventions they would respond best to, and provide them with the right content and services they need to achieve health goals.

Digital health engagement tools, such as health portals and apps, can deliver cost-effective, personalized health education and resources that help users better manage chronic conditions, prevent avoidable disease, and stay well. Health Dialog has designed InteractTM, a personalized health portal that combines our proven behavior change methodology, innovative analytics, and evidence-based clinical programming to deliver truly unique engagement experiences. Engagement methods are based on a holistic view of each user, curated from new forms of data beyond HRA and claims.

We’ve created an infographic that illustrates some revealing statistics about the online-behavior of healthcare consumers and a breakdown the five key factors organizations must consider before implementing digital health strategies to engage populations.

digital health engagement

To learn how InteractTM can help your organization drive multi-channel health engagement, see our health portal solution page.



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