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Managing a Geographically Dispersed Population with Personalized Health Coaching and Shared Decision Making

Patient populations that are geographically dispersed

Managing a geographically dispersed population is challenging. Even more challenging is managing a population based primarily in rural areas where members may have limited access to healthcare (whether it be for emergencies or even for regular primary care visits).

One of Health Dialog’s clients is facing this uphill battle. In response, it has implemented several of our population health tools to ensure its members (over 70,000 people) receive quality care regardless of location.

The organization leveraged the following Health Dialog solutions:

  • 24/7 Nurse Line: To provide members consistent access to a trained professional via phone, making it easier for more remote members to access care and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Data Management, Powerful Analytics and Predictive Models: To identify and stratify members, turning HRA, medical and pharmacy claims, lab data, and coach-captured data into actionable and comprehensive member profiles.
  • Shared Decision-Making (SDM) Tools and Coaching: To encourage an informative and patient-centered decision-making partnership between patients and their doctors. This has been especially valuable for more remote patients who may not have access to additional physicians for second or third opinions.  
  • Chronic Care Management: To deliver personalized interventions to high-risk members with five chronic conditions – asthma, diabetes, COPD, CAD, and CHF – and a subset of members with preference-sensitive conditions, such as back and joint pain and bariatric surgery. The solution also provides post hospital discharge support to help reduce readmission rates for high-risk patients. 
  • Tailored Wellness Programs: To encourage healthy lifestyle choices by providing the necessary education and resources to help members better manage weight and support tobacco cessation.

By implementing these solutions, the organization has seen measurable improvement in the health of its population. For example, progression of cardiovascular disease and diabetes to the occurrence of serious health events (e.g., AMI, stroke, dialysis) has been delayed by approximately one year. In turn, the avoidance of these sentinel events saved the organization approximately 3-5% in cardiovascular disease treatment costs and 9% in diabetes treatment costs.

Not only have Health Dialog’s tools helped delay and avoid disease progression, but the organization has reported $23.8 million in overall savings over a three-year period – a savings of $7.30 per member, per month. Furthermore, through Health Dialog’s Shared Decision-Making coaching efforts, individuals avoided an estimated 5% of back surgeries, 12% of knee surgeries, and 28% of hip surgeries altogether, resulting in $1.9 million in cost savings over a three-year period.

Leveraging Health Dialog’s integrated population health management tools and programs, the organization will continue boosting engagement through quality and convenient access to care, leading to significant cost savings and improved clinical outcomes.

To learn more about how the organization leveraged our population health tools for better patient outcomes and cost savings, view our infographic:


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