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Population Health: Care Innovations for Aging Millennials

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The New Force Behind Innovative Health Insurance Coverage and Population Health Services

Due to the complexities in healthcare delivery and data privacy and security, the US health care market is often slow to adopt technology and innovation. For large insurers with huge operating costs and low profit margins the onerous threshold of a meaningful return on investment means that innovation is stymied and demands from the market are often ignored. This inertia creates opportunities for innovative solutions for entrepreneurs who serve smaller segments of the populations with unique needs.

One example of the future driving set of forces in this regard can be seen in the needs and expectations of the millennial generation. Specifically, millennials face an ever increasing need for high quality, low-cost healthcare insurance. Unfortunately, such insurance plans typically achieve a low price point by shifting cost back to the consumer in the form of high deductibles. As a means to counter this cost shifting, insurers promote the concept of self-management tools. For the millennial generation, the expectation is that such tools will come in the form of a highly effective mobile driven experience.

Under the umbrella of population health, self-management tools serve a specific set of purposes related to the promotion of healthy behaviors, reducing risk factors and slowing or preventing disease progression. By integrating curated health content, digital trackers and personalized care-plans into a single user experience, digitally driven population health solutions can produce a meaningful experience for consumers and can generate a meaningful return on investment.

As a whole, millennials are likely to embrace these tools, gravitate to effective solutions and value these offerings. As millennials age in the workforce and transition to traditional health insurance coverage they will expect to have their highly valued self-management care tools follow with them. Innovators in the health insurance market place are likely to understand this trend and best-in-class population health solutions are likely to play a significant role in this transformation. 

With this trend in mind, Health Dialog has developed the user-friendly and mobile-enabled InteractTM Personal Health Portal, which connects individuals to personally relevant health and wellness content, tools, and resources that support wellness improvement, condition onset education, and chronic disease management support. Each individual’s experience is continuously tailored and customized by where they are in their health journey as well as personal preferences and engagement.



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