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Population Health Management: 5 Ways Digital Health Can Boost Patient Engagement

An elderly woman using a digital patient engagement app

Getting people to commit and stay committed to health and wellness activities can be difficult. Engagement is significantly affected by how much time individuals think they will need to devote to participating and how personally relevant and beneficial the experience will be. The use of integrated digital health tools and programming for population health management allows for more personalization, convenience, and most importantly improved health outcomes through timely condition education and support.

The following are five ways digital health can help drive engagement with your population health efforts:

  1. Access and Convenience – Health portals that enable users to connect to health coaches via phone, chat, and secure messaging give individuals more control and the ability to engage at their own pace. Mobile interfaces connect users to health information and tools on their time 24/7 via computers, smartphones and tablets when they need it and most motivated to connect.
  2. Program Awareness – Digital engagement makes it easier to maintain awareness in program activities and communicate updates about available health resources because it enables more dynamic delivery of information in a more cost effective way. While traditional mail pieces can reliably delivered, they do not necessarily arrive when participants have the time to read them and are often put aside or even discarded.
  3. Effective Communication – Logging communication preferences is crucial. It is important to ask program participants if emails, texts, etc. are welcome and at what frequency so you consistently communicate using the right channel and at the right time. Digital outreach can be easily tailored according to each individual’s self-reported delivery preferences, allowing for seamless and consistent interactions.
  4. Data Capture – Comprehensive, user friendly assessment tools and tracking of participant behavior, such as utilization and activity completion rates, provide greater insight into an individual’s health needs and behavior, thus allowing for greater personalization and customization. Digital tools help prompt timely escalation of necessary interventions, such as live one-on-one clinical coaching and can even track which interventions an individual is most responsive to, making future outreach more effective.
  5. Continuity – Over time addresses and phone numbers can change, but digital engagement overcomes any challenges associated with these changes. Individuals with health portal profiles can modify their contact information and organizations can ensure the contact information posted for available programs and benefits are always up-to-date.

To be effective population health programs must deliver timely support that is personally and clinically relevant. Digital health not only connects users to support when they need it, but gathers valuable information about users on a behavioral level that allows for prompt health interventions and adaptation of outreach for lasting engagement in health and wellness programs.

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