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Turn Patients into Champions with Smarter Engagement

Engage patients to turn them into health champions

Encouraging people to make healthy choices is simple. Achieving consistent behavior change that can create long-lasting results is far more challenging. In most cases, people want to live a healthier lifestyle but they are often discouraged by time commitments, lack of knowledge, or simply don’t know where to start.

Our recent e-book, Turn Patients into Champions,” outlines how organizations can make wellness participation convenient and drive improved health outcomes for their entire population through smarter engagement and condition education.

Here are a few highlights:

Provide Personalized Education
Setting up patients with health coaches is a great way to ensure they understand their conditions, know how to overcome barriers to medical adherence, and have the resources to stick to personal health goals. Meaningful engagements between members and their coaches lead to greater trust and true partnership. Coaches must get to know the person behind the patient, and provide the right tools that direct members to the level of care that’s right for them.

We know disseminating information to a diverse population is difficult, with various languages and degrees of education. Our advice? Speak their language, both literally and figuratively. Diverse populations require multi-lingual health coaches, live interpretation services, and even expertise in cultural sensitivities. Understanding social and cultural factors is also critical for effective healthcare guidance.

Initiate a Sense of Empowerment
While members need to have an intrinsic desire to make a lifestyle change, they’ll be more encouraged to do so if they feel their goals are attainable and will derive actual results. Setting attainable goals is a key aspect of motivation. Health coaches help members set goals that align with what is most important to them, recognize milestones along the way, provide positive reinforcement, and create new goals to promote continued progress. 

Foster Teamwork Among Members
People are more likely to commit to wellness when they have someone with whom they can share the journey and can feel a sense of camaraderie. Online activities, such as forums, can help foster a community where individuals share experiences and encourage each other to reach their goals. 

Peer-driven support is a proven way to help improve patient-efficacy, increase knowledge of chronic conditions, improve self-reported health status and self-care skills, and reduce the use of unnecessary emergency services.

Offer Digital Tools

Your members want convenience and instant gratification. If you’re going to help them commit to wellness, you need to make it easy for them. Embrace digital tools to help stay connected with your population and reach them in ways they’re most comfortable. Using digital will help you gain more insight into individuals’ needs, help understand what resonates with them, and allow you to fully customize communications to generate the best response rates.

Knowing when and how to engage members isn’t easy. Health Dialog’s programs help facilitate smarter patient engagement that are not only clinically relevant, but customizable to meet individual preferences that help ensure lasting participation.

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This post - originally published in March, 2018 - has been updated.



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