Population Health Solutions for Employers

Health and Wellness Programs Proven to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Health Dialog provides a proven combination of employee health engagement programs, multi-channel health coaching, and award-winning shared decision making tools to improve workforce health and reduce healthcare spending.

An approach built around your employees' individual needs

There are no "one size fits all" solutions in employee health and wellness. That's why we take the time to develop a deep understanding of the unique needs of each employee population. Using a powerful framework developed by our analytical and clinical experts, we're able to identify and stratify employees into distinct groups, focusing on each person's clinical needs, future risks, likely behaviors, and receptivity to change. All key factors go into this assessment: employee conditions, behavior patterns, age, socioeconomics, geographic location, language, culture, purchasing decisions, access to technology, and more.

From this analysis, we gain a clear picture of an employee’s health status and an accurate prediction of future risks and outcomes. This insight helps to guide clinical and wellness programs that address the specific needs and barriers to care for the whole population.

Our population health management services combine:

  • Powerful healthcare analytics that group employees based on actionable risk indicators and guide the development of strategies for delivering health support services that drive measurable savings
  • Multi-channel patient engagement and awareness campaigns that maximize program participation and incentivize preventive care and healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Health coaching services that provide individualized support for employees with chronic conditions and comorbidities
  • Wellness programs and award-winning toolkits proven to motivate employees to quit smoking and improve weight management
  • A 24/7 Nurse Line covering all 50 states staffed with registered nurses and experienced Health Coaches dedicate to responding quickly to your employee’s needs
  • Medication adherence and management programs that improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending
  • Health content and shared decision making tools that educate employees on how to better manage their conditions and be actively involved in decisions regarding treatment for preference-sensitive conditions

Population health management programs we provide to employers:

24/7 Nurse Line

Medication Adherence

Shared Decision Making

Chronic Care Management

Wellness Programs

Our programs include the following components:

Health Coaching

Analytics and Care Pathways