Health Plans

Your partner in driving healthier behaviors

For health plans, effective member engagement has a direct impact on every metric of success: lower costs, better clinical outcomes, member loyalty, and member retention. We help you achieve all of those goals by delivering personalized member engagement and multi-channel health coaching and education that can be tailored to the unique needs of Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial populations.  Together, we help drive healthier member behaviors to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

A tailored program based on in-depth individual member data

The key to any successful member engagement campaign is a deep understanding of your audience. Our team of analytical and clinical experts has developed a powerful framework for identifying and stratifying member populations, with an emphasis on truly understanding a member’s clinical needs, future risks, likely behaviors, and receptivity to change.

Everything is taken into account: each member’s conditions, behavior patterns, age, socioeconomic factors, geographic location, language, culture, purchasing decisions, accessibility to technology, the supply and demand of healthcare resources in the region and more. This gives us the information we need to develop motivational campaigns and health coaching programs that meet the specific needs of that member.

Our Total Population Health Management services combine:

  • Powerful analytics that segment populations and drive strategies for delivering the right intervention to the right member at the right time
  • Member engagement campaigns that capture individuals' interest with personalized messages that promote positive behavior changes
  • Health coaching services that provide the one-on-one support each member needs to address clinical needs and overcome barriers to care
  • Health content and shared decision making tools that educate members on their conditions and risk factors, guiding them to make their own best decisions about treatment for preference-sensitive conditions
  • Value-added services at Rite Aid pharmacies and RediClinic locations, such as wellness programs and face-to-face sessions with our coaches

We can provide your health plan with the total population health management services you need to drive positive change: