Population Health Solutions for Providers

Proven Population Health and Medication Adherence Results that Help You Reduce Costs, Improve Quality and Increase Revenue

As the healthcare industry moves to a value-based model, providers need to implement population health management programs and adopt new ways to help patients with chronic conditions to stay healthy and avoid costly hospital visits.

Health Dialog is the right partner for this effort. Whether you're an ACO, a patient-centered medical home, or an at-risk provider, we help you improve population health and reduce costs with our personalized patient engagement programs, multi-channel health coaching, medication adherence services, and award-winning shared decision making tools.

At Health Dialog, our analytical and clinical experts have built a Care Pathways framework that enables us to stratify populations into targeted segments, with an emphasis on truly understanding each patient’s clinical needs, future risks, likely behaviors, and receptivity to change. We then further stratify these segments based on a patient’s conditions, behavior patterns, age, socioeconomic factors, geographic location, language, culture, purchasing decisions, access to technology, and more.

By developing this deep understanding of the population’s analytics, we are better able to assess a patient’s health status and more accurately predict future risks and outcomes. This insight guides the development of patient engagement strategies and tools that enable you to deliver results in value-based or performance-based contracts.

Our population health management services combine:

  • Powerful analytics to identify population risk and to prioritize patients based on actionable opportunities that drive both short- and long-term outcomes
  • Engagement and awareness campaigns that keep patients informed about—and attentive to—their health needs, such as medication adherence and chronic or care management programs
  • In-person or telephonic  health coaching campaigns delivered by registered nurses with an average of 13 years of clinical experience; we combine clinical support and behavior change techniques that effectively augment and reinforce your care plan for each patient
  • Medication adherence and management programs that improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending
  • 24/7 nurse line services that enable patients to call and get a swift response to their urgent, acute, and home-care needs
  • Health content and shared decision making tools that help patients prepare for provider visits and empower each patient, together with their providers, to make decisions about their health needs and treatment options

Our population health management programs for providers include:

24/7 Nurse Line

Medication Adherence

Shared Decision Making

Chronic Care Management

Wellness Programs

Our programs include the following components:

Health Coaching 

Analytics and Care Pathways

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